Bundling Free Laptops with your Next Mobile Phone

Finding the right mobile phone contract is a time consuming and complex process, as is choosing the right laptop. Furthermore the life cycle of both products is similar with both typically being changed every 24 months.

So, in order to save yourself some time and money why not consider consolidating the upgrade of both products under one package by taking advantage of mobile phone deals which offer a free laptop as part of the bundle?

Not only can you save a considerable amount of time by doing this, you effectively get interest free credit on your laptop as it is, in a sense paid for by proxy, that proxy being your phone contract!


The first thing to check is whether you can actually get a laptop and phone you want together under the same price plan. Most offers are limited to budget / entry level laptops, if you want something “higher end” then these offers are probably not for you.

Another thing to consider is that these are not actually “free”, sure, there is no direct cost associated with the additional laptop, but you will forgo something else along the way. For example the handset you are offered maybe downgraded, or alternatives like cash-back will not be offered.

The issue of trading down handsets is the main one to take into account, and in fact these deals are of particular interest to those who are more interested in getting “a good deal” than those wanting the latest iPhone or high end smartphone.

Where can I get one?

Most online retailers offer this packages, the hard part is finding which have the best offers and the best range of laptops available, for that reason you may want to take a look at sites like freelaptopwithmobilephone.me.uk which will help you narrow down your search and save you time.

Alternatively you could go round each retailer in turn to see what each offers. Another point worth mentioning is that whilst these offers used to be “online only” you can now find similar offers on the high street which has the added benefit of being able to “try before you buy” or at least get a look at the kinds of machines they have on offer.

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