Building the Perfect Clan

In the game, Clash of Clans, created by Supercell, you can build small to large clans and personalize them however you want. Every clan is different depending on the playing building the clan. It gives the game a more natural feel so the players can enjoy different outcomes. Before actually putting a clan together, you must build your clan castle. That is the first strategy to do. Building the castle costs a total of 40,000 gold. With a simple clash of clans cheats such as that in , you do not have to wait until you get the full amount. I believe one of the most enjoyable parts of playing this game is designing a clan that fits your personality. Designing anything to meet your needs in a virtual reality world can be awesome. There are many people within your perfect clan. There are regular members in the clan, elders, and leaders. Regular members do not have any special authority. They are basically just there. There are also special people you may put in your clan to win battles. If you win a battle, you can gain a trophy. You can showcase your trophies to other people. Everyone is enjoying the game after getting the cheats.

Building the Perfect Clan by
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