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My friends and I have a band. I know..the world is full of bands. But like every other band out there what we really want is for people to hear our music. It is very tough to get gigs because the area we live in is saturated with musicians, and we are all competing with each other for bookings. A lot of advertising we do is through word of mouth. We meet some people, maybe give them a CD and then hope that they will tell their friends about us. We also have pages on all the major social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Recently our drummer had a brainstorm. He had heard about a site where you could buy Twitter followers, and his theory is that if we had a lot of followers, venues would think we were really popular and be more open to booking us to play. Well what do you know? He was absolutely right. It turns out that a promoter is a lot more likely to book a band with a lot of followers because they feel like they have a much better chance of packing the house with all the fans. Our booking increased by about 75% and we are now collecting more and more fans every weekend because they have seen us perform live! What a great idea!

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