Bodybuilding Nutrition On A Budget

Most bodybuilders or even guys who just want to look pretty good can get oppsessed with what they're eating. I have to eat over 3,000 calories per day to put on a bit of muscle mass and whenever I tell people that they look pretty shocked. I often hear how can you eat that much per day and where do you get the time? Firstly.. it sounds more than it is. Chances are you are eating a lot more calories per day than you realise. Secondly it's not that hard.

I am not a good cook at all and I cook for nutrition not for taste. So all I use is a microwave oven and a George Foreman Grill which I got from deepfryme. Go to your local butcher and get a deal on say 20 chicken fillets..My local butcher does 20 chicken fillets for 20 euro so it's not going to be as expensive as you think.

With every meal make sure you are having a lean protein source like steak, chicken, eggs etc. and then a small side of carbs. This is basically all there is to it. I try to get about 200 grams of protein per day with about 500 carbs and 100g of fat. I got through college eating like the above..good cheap meat source and a George Foreman Grill…doesn't get much cheaper than that! 

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