Bariatric Surgery Financing

Are you thinking about having the gastric banding procedure? In case you are, bariatric surgical procedure financing may be something that you will must think about. While increasingly insurance firms than ever before are beginning to cover this surgical procedure, as well as the Medicare program, lots of individuals will still must pay for the surgical procedure out of pocket.

In case you have insurance, your first move ought to be to contact them to find out in the event that they cover gastric bypass surgical procedure & if so, which types. At the time I had my surgical procedure, my provider covered only the Roux-en-Y. Recently lots of insurance providers have added the lap band to their list of covered procedures. Your insurance company may cover only part of the procedure, but this ought to be your beginning point. In case you are covered through your insurance company, be prepared to do 3-6 months of pre-op paperwork, counselling & other appointments.

There’s lots of things to think about in case you need to finance this surgical procedure. What is the cost to you of being overweight? Over the period of years, this cost will exceed that of this surgical procedure & this does not include the destroy that being overweight will do to your health.

If your insurance plan does not cover this surgical procedure, there’s other options. Lots of bariatric sleeve surgical procedure centers offer their own financing for bariatric surgical procedures. There’s also financial institutions that concentrate on offering financial assistance for medical procedures. Another option is the manufacturers of the Lap Band & the Recognize Band. Both of these organizations offer financing for this surgical procedure.

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