Are You Aware Of The Term “Keyword Analysis”?

Every day, numerous SEO specialists when asked which keyword tool they use (not thinking about a pro SEO application), immediately they will tell you about “Google AdWords Keyword Tool“. I am sure, this search tool has gained great popularity in the SEO industry, because, it helps a lot in getting the necessary keyword information in a structured way.

However, there is a fascinating thing that not all people are aware of. Well, the external keyword tool has restricted components:

a) It shows only 100 results (omitting some fascinating key phrases I’ll mention a bit later.)
b) It makes you type in the CAPTCHA to make positive you are not a wicked bot.

In fact, the solution to this inconvenience is so simple, that’s why I am unable to believe that not many people who are doing SEO for years are not aware of it. To know about its components, at first you need to:

(a) Go to & login to your account.

(b) Find

(c) Then you’ll be redirected to the AdWords interface where you require to configure some settings that include your time zone & preferred money. Click Next.

(d) WOW! Your AdWords account has been created. Now all you require is to sign in.

(e) That is it. After you log in, find the Tools & Analysis tab & pick the Keywords tool. Now you have a full-functional tool that shows times more keywords free. Though it lacks some icy features of the professional SEO application, it is still great for a majority of marketers.

Are You Aware Of The Term “Keyword Analysis”? by
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