Applying For Obamacare Exemptions

As a result, these customers are able to take advantage of certain exemptions offered by the IRS when they file their taxes.  However, many people claim the Obamacare exemption for other reasons, such as eviction or a death in the family. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know about Obamacare Exemptions.

Obamacare Exemptions
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The penalty for denying Obamacare coverage has increased from $95 to $325 for the 2015 tax year, which can also be calculated as an increase from one percent to two percent of income.  For anyone with unpaid penalties for 2015, the penalty increases to $695 (or 2.5 percent of income) for the next tax season for failing to have health coverage.

However, those who are imprisoned, are illegal immigrants, have low income, or have insurance through a religious ministry will qualify for an Obamacare exemption.

According to the IRS, there were more than 300,000 people last year who paid the penalty for not having insurance, but met the requirements for Obamacare exemptions.  For this reason, TurboTax recommends that customers determine beforehand if they quality for an Obamacare exemption when they file their taxes.

H&R Block Deluxe or TurboTax Deluxe?

TurboTax Social Tax Filing (Photo credit: John Swords)

What is the best income tax preparation software? H & R block deluxe or Turbo tax Deluxe? These two software programs are the best at home income tax preparation and the choice of which one to choose will depend on your specific tax situation. Listed below are some of the comparisons of these two tax income software programs.

1. Price. Turbo Tax Deluxe is consistently more expensive than H&R Block. At times the price of TurboTax can be double the price of H&R Block. Turbo Tax claims that the reason for such a high price is its accuracy of information and it has fast answers to your tax questions.

2. Features These two have almost the same features used in income computations but when using the same identical information on either software, Turbo Tax gives a higher tax refund than that of H & R Block Deluxe.

3. Technical and online support. They both offer convenient and helpful technical support both online and via other media. Tax experts on online communities will answer all tax related questions posted by users. The Turbo Tax site helps users by answering there questions before using the software whereas for H & R Block users must first use the free return online before their questions are answered. A person can download a Free Turbo tax software package from their website. H & R block offers support on investments and retirement income at the same price as tax returns but as for Turbo tax deluxe you have to buy Turbo Tax Premier to access these services.

4. Audit Support H&R block has a consolidated price for all services included services for audit services whereas with the Turbo tax program you have to pay an extra premium for audit support insurance for you to be provided with a tax professional to assist you in case you are being audited.

5. Self Employed Persons Turbo tax does not support data from self employed persons. If you are self employed and you want to use this software you will have to upgrade your software to a higher version at a higher price to do so. H & R Block Deluxe has support for self help individuals and this module is included in the initial cost of the product and no upgrades are necessary.

6. Ease of use. The Turbo Tax system is easy to use since it has self explanatory and easy to follow questions. This is especially useful to persons starting tax return preparation since it offers a smooth ride. H & R Block can be used by seasoned persons used but for starters they will have a problem since there are a few spots which will not make sense to him/her.

No Easy Day: An Interesting Read!

No Easy Day, written by a member of the famous Navy Seal team, Mark Owen, is a first person account of the planning and execution of Bin Laden. He, along with other members of the Navy Seal team, witnessed Bin Laden’s final moments.

This book gives a detailed account of the 24 member team and how they trained for this special and very dangerous mission—that of killing Bin Laden. This book begins with the helicopter crash that could have ended the author’s life up to the call that told them that Bin Laden was dead.

Also, in No Easy Day, the author describes the battle that continues on concerning the war on terror. Owen also describes other missions that disclose what life is like working and being a SEAL. He also illustrated some of the skills, experiences and victories in the War on Terror. He shows what the Navy Seals and others in the military have been doing and continue to do, to help keep America safe.

In addition, “No Easy Day” shows how strong the camaraderie is between SEALS and the intensity and planning that is involved in such a project. Owen’s book also adds a very interesting human element to what happened during this mission and even describes how Bin Laden was handled as the “men hustled the body bag to the helicopter. The team knew the historical importance of what was going on but they also knew that they had to get the job done.

This is a fascinating account of what happened that day and it showed vividly what needs to be done with a person or person who is relentless in destroying human lives.

The Legend Of Zelda – An Artbook Review

The Legend Of Zelda – An Artbook Review

When the official announcement for the 25th anniversary release of the Legend of Zelda was made, most followers of the book series had made their minds to get the latest release. The book is very popular and it is evident by the fact that it is one of the bestselling books on

The book is loaded with text and pages, and might take some time to get through completely. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Hystoria is a 240-page hardcover book, which was released in December, 2011. The book begins with the Skyward Sword, which are the initial stages of the Zelda timeline.

The section on Hyrule’s Complete History gives a very detailed account of everything that occurred in the world of Zelda. This portion of the book is pretty heavy with text, but it also has fair amount of pictures to illustrate events and happenings.

’25 Years of Documented Artwork’ is probably the most popular section of the book, as it is a great assortment of design and art synonymous with the Zelda games. If the reader is not familiar with Zelda games artwork, then they are definitely in for a treat with this book. The book even has level design sketches of the first Zelda game. Some of the artwork that would capture the attention of the reader can be found in “Oracle of Ages” and “Oracle of Seasons” section.

In short, the book is almost like a nostalgic trip for ardent fans of Zelda.

Gone Girl – A Novel Review

Gone Girl – A Novel Review

Gone Girl is a novel written by Gillian Flynn, an acclaimed great suspense writer of the present time. As a bestseller of New York Times, this novel tells a story about a marriage that became terribly wrong. It is a mix of a deliciously chilling prose and sharp-edged wit that creates a nerve-terrifying thrill for the reader. In this Gone Girl review, people can realize that this is a must-read novel.

Gone Girl Summary

It is a warm summer morning at North Carthage, Missouri and it is the 5th wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy. Gifts are being wrapped and preparations are ongoing when Nick’s beautiful and clever wife disappeared from their rented mansion along the Mississippi River. Nick, who is supposed to be worried, is not doing anything. Rather, he is hallucinating about a slope and the head of his wife. The passages written from Amy’s diary show that she is a perfectionist and she could place anyone on a dangerous edge. Being pressured by the authorities, media, and Amy’s angry parents, Nick experiences endless deceits, lies, and a bad behavior. He is oddly evasive and is really bitter. However, it is still unknown if he is the killer.

As the police officers are closing in, the couples in the town are wondering if how well they know about the person they love. Nick found himself a person at his side – his twin sister Margo, who is standing with him in his innocence. However, if Nick did not do it, then where is his beautiful wife? Moreover, why is a silvery gift box found at the back of Amy’s bedroom closet?

Gillian Flynn is known for her psychological insight trademark and a razor-sharp writing. Her delivery of ingeniously plotted, devilishly dark, and fast-paced thriller shows that she is one of the best writers today.

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