Audio Transcription: What Does it Actually mean?

Audio transcription is a word with several different meanings according to the context of its usage. The word may refer to linguistics, music, genetics, medical transcription, services and transcription discs. The most common type of audio transcription is from spoken language / recorded dictation to text format. Transcription can either be the full written or type written copy of the dictated matter. The other type of transcription is that of Braille or sign language to text or vice versa. Transcription is conversion of data from one source of recording and storage system to another system. Transcription must not be confused with translation. In translation it is the conversion from one language to another language.

There are six main types of general audio transcription. They are Focus Group, Interviews, Corporate, Dictations, Podcast and Academic. The popular conception of transcription is to convert audio information into textual information. With the increasing number of organizations using audio technologies for their projects in the case of focus groups transcription has gained more importance. There are companies that need general transcription to record their tele-seminars.

The work of a transcriptionist – one who does transcription, it is quite interesting. There is no need to undergo any special training all that is required are good listening skills accompanied with typing skills. This is so because the job involves good listening to audio recording and converting them according to client specification. Knowledge of the language is a must, and rest is a piece of cake..

To work as a transcriptionist some essential tools are needed. The accuracy of the work is very important for the clients to know that job done will be of high quality and reliable. To achieve high standard of output some tools such as – high speed internet connection, word processing software, head phones, and a software to play the audio file. There is a foot pedal available to enhance the speed of transcribing. Foot pedal helps in playing the audio file instead of using the keyboard, thus increasing the productivity.

Nowadays transcribing work is in much demand. Few of the categories who need the services are students, realtors, insurance companies, social work agencies, book publishers, business consultants and on line marketing people, to name a few. Most of these people have recorded voice of lectures, seminars, minutes of a meeting, editing books to be published, transcribing legal notes and official records.

General audio transcription has much scope in these times with the advent of MNCs’ (Multinational companies). Most of the multinational companies have a dire need of transcriptionists to do their work coming in from overseas. To carve a niche in this sector one has to be well versed with language skills and terms used to comprehend the meaning in exact sense. One can chose from the various fields to transcribe. With the basics intact, the work of a transcribing pays back handsome remuneration. One can work at his own pace with the flexibility of time and self management.


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