Advantages Of Belt Feeders



They are designed to be rugged and durable. They are weather proof and can be installed outdoors. The belt is tough and can withstand rough weather and carry rocky materials with little or no wear.


these feeders can carry a wide range of materials. They can be used to carry materials ranging from flour to small rocks in a mining field. They are ideal for both irregular and regular shaped materials. Some feeders also have variable Frequency drives (VFD). These means the speed of feeding can be adjusted.


Belt feedersare a relatively inexpensive method of transferring materials from one place to another. They require very little human supervision and maintenance. They can also transfer materials to elevated points. Electric motors used are efficient and do not consume a lot of power.


Any moving system has safety issues and belt feeders are not an exception. Feeders placed in high risk areas have metal covers on the belt and the rollers. Most belt feeders are designed to be switched on and off remotely, however, they have manual switches at the physical location so that in case of an emergency they can be switched off.

Belt feeders are an economical way on moving materials from one point to another. They consume low power and can move bulky materials. They are widely used in mining fields to transfer rocky materials from the mine to a processing plants or to awaiting trucks. They are essential in material handling industries like grain handling companies. They are used to move grains safely and efficiently from one bin to another.

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