Adorable Ladybug Costume for Baby Girl

If you are looking to dress your little girl in a bright and delightful costume on Halloween or for a theme party, a baby ladybug costume is the just the right thing for you. Ladybugs are tiny bugs whose bodies have a gorgeous combination of red and black. The polka dotted pattern on the bug’s back gives it a cute look, and hence ladybugs are often used as a popular motif in many baby-related events like baby showers and as costumes for infants.

Although there are many online stores and costume shops which sell baby ladybug costumes, you can add a personal touch to the dress by making it yourself. If you are interested in sewing or making crafts, you can easily create a pretty costume for your baby with a ladybug design. The first thing you need is a red infant bodysuit or frock. Next, take a piece of black fleece or velvet cloth and draw round circles with a chalk. Cut out these circles or dots and sew them on the red dress by placing them randomly all over the costume. You can buy red baby wings or make one using cardboard and cover it with red fleece cloth. Paste black polka dots on the wings in a similar manner. You can look for this website and see more about baby clothing.

The next step is to take a black infant cap and make two marks in the front where you will fix the antennae. You can buy long plastic straws and cover them with black fleece cloth or buy readymade flexible black pipes, available in most craft stores. Attach these antennae to the cap by sewing it or tie them to a black hairband. To complete the look, make your baby wear black tights below the red polka dotted dress and black baby booties. Your baby ladybug costume is ready. All the items used are inexpensive, easily available and will help you create one of the most popular costumes for kids. So, you can look for this website and learn more about kids dressing.

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