When to Begin Potty Training

Exactly when do you start potty training for your infant? No matter who you ask, the answer will probably be different every time.
Some parents delay potty training as they do not look forward to cleaning up the inevitable mess. At least with diapers the mess is contained! Well there is going to be mess, lots of it. But one time you are through with the potty training, things take a step in the right direction.

Only you & your child will know when it is the right time to start potty training. The infant won’t tell you but as you have a nice bond with the tiny, you’ll always know what is best & you will know instinctively when the right time is. You can also find this useful link to get more info.

Whatever you do, don’t force your infant in to potty training in the event that they are not prepared for it. This may cause issues for the infant in the event that they are not prepared to go through the process of losing the diaper they have been used to for as long as they can keep in mind.

But you need to wait & see & don’t beat yourself up if things don’t progress as rapid as you’d like. Take your time & get it right.

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