The Global Appreciation of UFun and UToken Continues to Grow Fast

New participants keep signing up with each day. As long as there is business in the system, the rate will certainly move up constantly. This is a huge drive for the market. We call it the “Member Gets Members” system.AND when participants upgrade their subscription level they obtain money also. Members earn money from bonuses or marketing UTokens. 30 % will certainly be utilized to repurchase UTokens. An additional factor is that UFUN does not allow participants to sell for a rate less than the investment cost.Can I sell UFun at a lesser cost compared to the cost I acquired? So for a long-term investment, every member will earn a profit!

No, UFUN does not allow members to offer the cost below the bought price. Where does the money come from? How come the company pays so much to its members? This is a financial investment for a sell and buy system. The income of the company originates from charges for purchases between participants, as well as the business to members. The profit of the firm does not originate from the selling and purchasing by the members. The money we gain is from the earnings the UToken rises. So you make revenue when the price boosts.

The Global Appreciation of UFun and UToken Continues to Grow Fast by
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