Recycled Plastic Timber

Recycled plastic timber is an excellent replacement for traditional timber for so many applications. It is now used in many of the UKs wetland centres, RSPB reserves and National Parks for the construction of boardwalks, disabled ramps, picnic benches and bird hides. The reason for this success is that recycled plastic timber offers many advantages over traditional timber for these applications.

Recycled plastic timber is made from 100% recycled plastic and will outlast timber many times over. It will never rot as it is resistant to water, algae, mold and mildew. It is non slip when wet and requires no maintenance by way of preservatives or paint as wood might. This means that there will be no toxins given off or leaked into water courses, which makes it ideal for use in Nature reserves and parks.

Recycled plastic timber is also idea for use around the home, especially for creating outdoor living spaces. Deck lumber can be cut, nailed, screwed and shaped using standard tools and therefore is the perfect choice for use as decking. It requires no annual upkeep, no preservatives and will not warp, splinter or bend. It can also be used to build pergolas, trellis, summerhouses or sheds just as you would traditional timber but with non of the maintenance worry.

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