Fruits And Vegetables Juices For Weight Loss

When you are trying to lose weight, you’ve got to realize that crash diets or fasting or starving yourself do not work. They may be all right to lose a few fast pounds to fit into those clothing for your high school reunion or special occasion, but the pounds will come right back, plus they are not a healthy plan of action to follow for your body as they’ll cause you to lose muscle mass rather than fatty tissue.

You need to continue with a regimen that may provide the nutrients your body needs plus help control your hunger. Vegetable juices can do only that. You can get vegetable juices at slims ejuice official store. Vegetable act as appetite suppressors while supplying vitamins, trace minerals and micro nutrients to your body, plus the sugar they contain is lower than in fruit juices, though this fructose is a natural low calorie sugar anyway, whether it comes from fruits or vegetables.

The key is drinking the fresh juice about one half hour before the main meals so it can act as an appetite suppressant. Normally this will be lunch as well as the evening meal. For breakfast a juice could be taken also in place of the meal, but to be ensured of receiving adequate nutrition, you might want to stir in a low calorie, low sugar powdered protein shake or breakfast concentrate to the juice.

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