Four Corners Alliance Group Reviews What Is Four Corners Alliance Group

What Is Four Corners Alliance Group

 Effectively commissions wise, affiliates are buying a matrix level to earn commissions on it when other affiliates unlock their matrices.  I have to say at this point that I’m slightly confused on the mechanics of Four Corners Alliance Group’s matrix mechanics. Any products bundled as part of this are purely incidental. This doesn’t make much sense to me as it indicates a cap on the commissions an affiliate can earn when those in their downline buy into the matrix. What happens to the level 1 commissions generated by any affiliates they recruit after that? As above, an affiliate is only able to earn a commission on two people who buy into level 1 of the matrix. So, What Is Four Corners Alliance Group?

I’m going to pretty much rule out the existence of retail purely on the complete lack of focus on the product line. In any case, again I fall back on the intent behind the purchase of products. Take away the compensation plan and it must be asked whether or not affiliates would purchase the 16 levels of product.  Your initial joining fee of $15 includes the members’ discounted purchase price of the first of these excellent products. I’m going to go with “no”, largely based on specific wording in Four Corners Alliance Group’s compensation plan.

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