Finding Practice Space

Finding space for your band to practice in is no easy task. Most places frown on loud noises,especially loud music. However, being persistent can pay off. Coffee shops, nightclubs and warehouses should be reasonable options for most musicians to look into. Also, the internet is a great place to find places to practice. With a little patience, persistence and knowing what areas to focus your search around, finding jam space can be easy.

Nightclubs will sometimes let bands practice before they open for the evening, if they offer to play a set free of charge. Coffee shops might let musicians play after hours. Many warehouses are closed after normal business hours and some companies are willing to let bands use their facility for a few hours for a small fee. Lastly, looking online might be one of the easier solutions. A quick look at the local musicians web sites or blogs may give some insight into where space may be available. Online musician message boards may offer some guidance on finding a space. Most musicians are more than willing to help other bands in need of practice space.

Finding jam space is not impossible. With a little effort and know-how finding a place to jam is simple.

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