Ethnic Diversity in Southampton’s Dining Scene

Known for its history as a haven for affluent residents and tourists, the town of Southampton is one of the premier communities of Suffolk County. This quaint oceanfront community offers some of the best food options on all of Long Island. The waterfront location naturally contributes to Southampton’s affinity for seafood. There is a thriving fishing industry in the waters off Long Island’s coast that contributes to the delicate menus in Southampton restaurants. In fact, some of the most popular fish that is caught in the waters along Suffolk County includes bass, flounder, perch and porgy.

These fish make it to the diverse menus in local Southampton Restaurants that serve delicious seafood items. Additionally, the shores off Long Island are well known for having a plethora of other seafood such as mussels, oysters, clams, lobsters and crabs. There is truly a feeling of eating something authentic when looking at the seafood menus of Southampton NY restaurants. Some of the seafood that’s caught in the local waters is actually distributed within different types of ethnic restaurants. For example, sushi and hibachi places often receive fresh supplies of locally caught fish that’s used to satisfy the appetite of Southampton residents and visitors. Some of the fish is used to make sushi rolls and other delicate items in Japanese restaurants. Similarly, locally caught fish is used by Italian restaurants that have large seafood selections on the menus. Fish and chips is also a popular menu items in some of the casual dining establishments of Southampton that include sports bars and grills.

One major highlight of Southampton restaurants is the waterfront location. People can enjoy their delicious meals while looking at panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoying the cool breeze. Additionally, outdoor dinner may be enjoyed along with beautiful views of the sunset.

Ethnic cuisine plays a major role in Southampton restaurants. As an affluent community, Southampton is home to numerous upscale establishments that serve authentic French cuisine. After all, French food is often associated with delicacy and lavishness. Some French restaurants may serve unusual menu items like fried frog legs. A major highlight of Southampton NY restaurants that serve French food is the selection of fine wine and other spirits. For example, customers can choose wine that originates in French regions like Alsace, Chardonnay, Burdgundy and Savoy. Some French restaurants employ onsite connoisseurs that stock the wine racks. Additionally, these professionals can advice regarding the combination of certain menu items with wine.

Authentic ethnic cuisine in fast food format is available in Southampton, NY. Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries serve popular menu items like Shish Kebob and Gyros along with dips like Tzatziki, hummus and tahini. Customers may enjoy looking at the onsite rotisserie that is used to slice the meat. Additionally, authentic Pita and Lavash bread is available in Middle Eastern restaurants of Southampton that offer take out. Greek, Lebanese, Turkish and Israeli influences dominate the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in Southampton. Some Turkish restaurants may have belly dancers that provide live entertainment on the weekends as customers enjoy their delicious meals. Popular desserts in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants of Southampton include Baklava and other very sweet pastries that are loaded with honey and different types of nuts. Olives and grape leaves are also popular Mediterranean salad items.

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