Learning How to Create Your Own Website

My daughter was assigned to make a website in school. They were asked to make a website as a project. I was greatly amazed at how early they were exposed to such a difficult task. Well, that was difficult for me, but she was able to make it and garnered a very high rating. I tried asking her on how to create my own website and she smiled and said it was easy. Well, the reason why she said that was because in their earlier years, they were already exposed to the many workings of the computer.

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Your Body Talks

Body language is more important than most people realize. The words we say are important, but our body language can convey even more than our words. People can tell if we are interested, not interested, bored, excited, happy, sad, mad, etc. just by the way we carry our body and the movements we make. When trying to make a good impression, it is very important that we are aware of our body language. Sometimes one is so worried about what they say and how they say it that they don’t realize that their body movements can be noticed as well. … Read the rest

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