Finding Practice Space

Finding space for your band to practice in is no easy task. Most places frown on loud noises,especially loud music. However, being persistent can pay off. Coffee shops, nightclubs and warehouses should be reasonable options for most musicians to look into. Also, the internet is a great place to find places to practice. With a little patience, persistence and knowing what areas to focus your search around, finding jam space can be easy.

Nightclubs will sometimes let bands practice before they open for the evening, if they offer to play a set free of charge. Coffee shops might let musicians … Read the rest

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Finding Best Drum Tutorials Online

Learning drums requires lots of your time, money and dedication. Today, there are many sources available through which you can easily learn drums quickly and effectively. Having your drum lessons from a nearby music store is rather costly. However, there are different possibilities that can save a lot of cash at the same time to be more convenient.

You can take basic drum lessons on the web whenever you want. By simply searching it on your computer, you will see that you have many websites that deliver this facility. Taking your drum lessons online has a lot of benefits. This … Read the rest

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Buying Your First Drum Kit

After all, you are not just buying one piece (i.e., an acoustic guitar, a saxophone, etc. ); rather, you’re going to get an assortment of drums and cymbals. With different manufacturers and various prices to choose from, you might find yourself a bit confused when you arrive at the music shop. This said, here’s a drum lesson for those first-time customers.

I am Ready.

To start with, it’s most useful that you may spend as little as possible. All things considered, you’ve just enrolled for a drum lesson program. This said; don’t choose the biggest, best-sounding drum set offered by … Read the rest

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What Is The Best Way To Stream Music From Your IPod?

Most people use a pair of small headphones when listening to their iPod. While these headphones are convenient for use when on the road, the sound quality is not exactly optimal. A much better choice is using a pair of good speakers. Rather than having the speakers tethered to your iPod, you may have discovered that there are ways to stream the music from your iPod wirelessly. I will take a look at some of the ways to stream your music and investigate the pros and cons of each method.

The fisrt method is by using a dedicated transmitter such … Read the rest

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Pick A Guitar Teacher: Try One From Spytunes

Do you wish you could play guitar like a pro? Many of us find guitarists very covetable on the stage. It takes time and courage to learn how to play the guitar. Some people get tired in the beginning when scales, intervals, chords and chords progressions are introduced. They realize the learning process is not only about strumming the guitar strings. It involves use of their brain as well. It is essential to prepare yourself for the challenge and one way to do this is to pick a reliable teacher. You will find one at

This website has … Read the rest

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Spytunes Lessons On How To Strum Guitar

Are you feeling stressed out or bored? Chances are that playing a musical instrument can preoccupy your brain so that you can stop feeling down. Like most people I know, you probably want to try the guitar first. There are many guitar teachers out there but I challenge you to begin learning with spytunes. This UK school has a website through which it reaches global guitar students. Therefore you want to view as well to get an idea of what the institution does. It will not only teach you how to strum the guitar but also how to play … Read the rest

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