Ideas for Sweet 16 Venues

When you think of a party Long Island can throw, you imagine all of the wonders and glories that celebrations beyond. If you’re throwing a party here, you likely have at least a decent budget, and you’ll be able to make your daughter’s Sweet 16 an event that she will remember all of her days. What are some of the places that can bring this party Long Island status?

Dance Clubs

So many dance clubs on the island are strictly reserved for individuals who are either 18 years of age or older or 21 years of age or older. Teenagers below these limits tend to become frustrated when they just want to dance. Instead of having a very traditional Sweet 16, rent out a dance club for the evening. These youngsters will feel like their older counterparts, and they will be in a safe environment.

Beachside Restaurants

You don’t always have to choose the priciest restaurant in town to make your daughter happy on her 16th birthday. Check out some places that serve summer’s favorites, burgers, hot dogs and fries and see if they have a space available for parties. The crowd will likely have to be a fairly small one, but everyone can spend the day out at the beach enjoying amazing food.

Dinner and a Show

Treat your daughter and a few of her closest friends to dinner at one of the delicious restaurants in the Hamptons. When they come out, a limo can be waiting to surprise them and take them off to a show on Broadway. It’s best to book an early dinner then as the ride into the city could easily take a couple of hours.

Catering Halls

The Hamptons, as well as the surrounding areas, is home to a number of beautiful catering halls where many people have their wedding receptions. However, your daughter can also have her Sweet 16 at one of these venues. From the cocktail hour to desserts at the end, your daughter will truly feel like a princess as she dances in a beautiful ballgown with her friends all through the night.

A party Long Island will become known for is just what you had in mind when you set out to plan this perfect celebration for your teenager. The choices are so varied and diverse in this area that it will truly be a celebration especially crafted for royalty.

Why Choose Baby Party Dresses Made From Organic Cotton?

It is a well known fact that the best fabric for all types of clothing is cotton. It is especially recommended that you buy baby clothes made of cotton because the material is really soft and there are low chances of your baby getting skin rashes and irritations because he/she is not comfortable with the material. A new trend amongst baby party dresses (or “vestido de festa infantil” in Portuguese) is buying clothing made or organic cotton. But what exactly are the benefits of this fabric? People know it’s popular, but do they understand why?

First of all, remember that a baby is far more sensitive than an adult. The skin of the baby is included in this chapter. Fibers which are not organic are often treated with pesticides which are toxic to the baby’s skin. The skin needs to be able to breathe to avoid cells dying, so it’s really important to choose baby party dresses (“vestido de festa infantil” in Portuguese) that are compatible with your children. While regular cotton clothes are also recommended, what most people don’t know is that not all cotton plantations are treated in the same way. $2.6 billion is being spent each year to treat the cotton plantations. Even if cotton is a good fabric, it begins to breakdown after you’ve washed it about 20 times, because the fibers have been treated with pesticides in the past, decreasing the endurance of the material. I know that some people will feel that organic cotton baby dresses are not a wise investment because there are a bit more expensive compared to regular cotton clothes.

While the price concern may be true, you will notice that organic cotton clothes last longer, so you get a decent return on your investment. Besides, can anyone really put a price on the baby’s health? Skin irritations and allergies of a baby are pretty hard to treat, especially with the low level of their immune system.

How to choose the perfect kids chair

A lot of new parents find it difficult to make considerations for their kids room. Usually, they have plenty of ideas that they want to map out, however, they find it difficult to execute. One of the many furniture that any parent should remember to buy for their kids rooms is a Kids chair. Although it may seem negligible, a chair is something that a kid cannot live without in his or her own bedroom. It has a lot of usage for the kid, and it also serves as a good dcor for your kids room, in general.

One consideration that you should make in deciding for kids chair is propriety with the design and matching it with the room design. It is best to match a cartoon-themed room with a chair that may resemble a popular cartoon that your kid really likes. If the room is filled with a single cartoon design that your kid likes, it will also be a good idea to have a chair that may have that same design. Another consideration is comfort. Some chairs may be too high, too low, or too stiff to sit on such that your kid may not be able to use it. This is an important consideration to factor in when buying a chair for your kid in order that it will serve its purpose. It may be a chair for study, for watching television with, or for other purposes. Lastly, a chair should be special for your kid. Its best to let your kid come with you when buying it. That way, even if it may not exactly match with your expectations, at least you know your kid is happy with it!

All in all, parents may have different choices for the kids chair that they want for their kids rooms. Whatever consideration there may be, it is important that both parents and children are on the same page about it. It may not be a crucial choice to make, but it is an equally important furniture that your kid should always have in his or her room.

Decorate your baby’s room With Wall Stickers

You get so excited about decorating your own childs room and especially when that he or she is a new born. That excitement can be complemented with the help of wall stickers. To start with wall stickers you can even implement your own ideas too. As wall stickers allow you to create a custom nursery for your toddler that can be easily changed without having to repaint the room or spend much money or time on the project.

Your baby will outgrow his or her nursery within a couple of years, so you should try and amend those ideas that can prolong further or can be reused well.

Try choosing wall stickers to stimulate your baby’s visual sense and adds theme to the nursery or serve as imagination-spurring playtime entertainment for him or her when they mobile.

While selecting any theme try to use those types of wall stickers which set the scene for a themed baby nursery. Like for example you can use stars glowing in the dark, moons, planets or even galaxies to decorate the ceiling and upper portions of the walls. To shop all these ideas you can visit online at

Alternatively you can go for something more different and unique, like castles and princess or fairy-tale theme. In case of boys, you can try train tracks, trains, stations and trees, a transportation theme.

An ever green theme which will complement to both, whether its a boy or a girl is of fishes, mermaids, seahorses, seashells, sea turtles or dolphins can be used separately or together for an under-the-sea theme.

How Does A Parent Shop For Kids Party Dresses?

Most kids have moved on from the usual fancy dresses that our parents made us wear pirates, clowns, Santa Claus, Fairy Princess and so on. The party dresses to wear for a fancy dress party these days include Spider Man, Harry Potter, Star War heroes, Rock Stars and so on. So how does a parent cope with such demands? Here are some tips to make the job easier:

-Know what the central theme of the party is. For instance it could be a pirate party, or Beatles theme, Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book or whatever. For a Disney party, wearing a pink Minnie dress (or “vestido da minnie rosa” in Portuguese) is appropriate. Click here to see how it could look like. After knowing the theme, understand what your child would like to dress up as. It is better not to force your decisions on them.

-Search the internet or the library to get a picture of the character that the child is going to be dressed up as. Attention to details, especially when you are emulating a character, goes a long way in making the party dresses seem authentic.

-Finding the right store that can give you the items you are looking for is important at this stage. If you do not find what you are looking for in the shop at the mall, go online and search for them. There are countless shops online that specialize in fancy dress party costumes. However, you need to be absolutely sure of the size and other required measurements before you place the order. Also, it makes sense to know more about their return and refund policies in case you want to return the goods.

-Party dresses remain incomplete without the right accessories. Therefore, list out all the accessories that you would need to go along with the outfits. Order in advance to avoid disappointment regarding non-delivery of items, etc.

-Finally, keep in mind that some fancy dresses need facial make-up to authenticate the character. Use some face paint, made at home to give those final touches.

Christmas Is Round The Corner What About Kids Party Dresses?

The festive season is here at last and everyone is gearing up either to attend or throw parties. Many such parties will include kids too. So as a parent, what are the kinds of Christmas party dresses do you have in mind for your kids? Here are some tips to set you thinking:

-Have you thought of little girls clothes (or “roupas infantis menina” in Portuguese) that look like a gown with long gloves for your baby girl? Of course floral patterns are all-time favorites during this time of the year. If your daughter is prancing and dancing all the time, get her a bright yellow pinafore. Party dresses that have lacework always stand out.

-Little boys could look extremely stylish if they wear a three-piece suit with a bow or a tie. What about a silk shirt? These days there are such amazing printed kids clothes (or “roupas de criancas” in Portuguese) available in silk materials in shirt boutiques. Or you could think of a velvet trousers, preferably in black, immaculate white shirt, a belt made of satin and a blue and red sweater.

-Some parents prefer custom-made dresses for their children during this season. You have a host of manufacturers who make custom-designed clothing for kids and the job of selecting one should not be a problem.

-It is a great idea to make the father and son wear the same style and colors of suits.

-You have a wide range of Christmas party dresses even for infants. One-piece rompers with matching head piece with a specific animal motif looks very cute. The pullover shirt with snowman designs can also be the perfect choice of dress for the kid on such a special occasion.

-Though common, dressing up as Santa never ceases to please the eye. The Santa caps are now famous round the world and why not buy one for every one in the family to wear during such parties?