A Brief Introduction to Silicone Sheet

Silicone is used in all kinds of industry including pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive, electrical, food, drink and dairy production and more. These types of industry often demand high performance and reliability in some of the most demanding conditions and silicone has the properties to deliver this performance.

Silicone elastomer has a unique range of properties which help it to perform better and last longer than other types of elastomer. It will remain flexible across a broad range of temperatures both hot and cold. It is resistant to ageing, chemical attack, UV and ozone and water, offers reliability and durability and requires very little maintenance making it a cost effective choice.

Silicone sheeting is available in various different forms:

Silicone rubber sheet is available in a choice of different thickness and will keep constant even at high temperatures. However, silicone rubber sheet is not for use with high pressure steam applications.
Silicone sheet high temperature grade is used in temperatures reaching up to 300 deg C. It is also available in metal detectable and low smoke emission grades.
Metal detectable silicone sheet This allows the detection of metals or eroding particles so that production can be stopped quickly should a product become contaminated.
Reinforced silicone sheet This is reinforced with fibreglass to provide high chemical resistance, high temperature performance and long term durability.

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